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      [來源:www.easysatellitetv.com] [作者:網站建設] [日期:18-06-07] [瀏覽次數:]
      軟文推廣,把文章發布到相關網站。緊接著又寫了幾篇文章,并很快的發布到站長網、站長站、紅動論壇等一些和網站、設計相關的網站和論壇。需要你注意的是,我的博客針對的用戶群是站長和網頁設計師的博客,所以會發布到這些網站,但希望你針對你的用戶群發布到相關網站,別跑題了。第二天就有許多網站從這些網站轉載、采集了我的文章。緊接著的效果就是很多朋友都說盧松松你真是無處不在。 Soft wen promotion, to publish the article to the related websites. Then wrote a few articles, and soon release to webmaster nets, master station, red BBS and some other website, design related website and BBS. Need you to note is that my blog for user group is the webmaster and web designer's blog, so will be released to the web site, but I hope you for your user group published to the related website, don't digress. The next day there are many websites from these websites, collected my essay. Then the effect is a lot of friends said lu song song, you're everywhere. 4:把網站提交到導航站、目錄站。大家都在說把網站提交到權重高的網址站,我也按照這樣的方法做了,但效果很不明顯,而且很難被收錄,于是我換了個思路,把我的博客大量的提交到一些小的網址站,導航站。這樣原因是很快就會被收錄,并且還能直接聯系到該站的站長。提交這些小網站并不能給你帶來什么流量,但這卻能讓你結識很多站長。等我的博客權重提高之后再提交到一些大的導航站,就很容易被收錄了。5:一針見血的評論。 4: submit your site to station, station directory. Submit your site to everyone said high weight station site, I also according to this method, but the effect is not obvious, and it is difficult to be collected, so I changed idea, my blog a lot of submit sites to the small station, station. This reason is that will soon be included and can also directly relates to the site's webmaster. Submit these small don't bring you what site traffic, but it can let you get to know a lot of stationmaster. After my blog weight again submitted to some big station, it is easy to be collected. 5: hit the nail on the head of the comments. 6:把自己的作品發布到網上免費分享。在沒有把博客當成獨立網站運營之前,我就已經做了近百個網站、工具和設計作品了。所以利用以前做過的網站作品,免費發布到各大網站論壇上,免費的條件就是我加入了我博客的鏈接。通過這些作品的鏈接我的博客也獲得了不少的流量。 6: to release their own works to share online for free. Before not use blog as independent website, I would have done nearly works, tools, and design a website. Site work, so using previously done free issue to each big web site on the BBS, free condition is that I joined my blog link. Through these works link to my blog also received a lot of traffic.